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White Light supplies "Wild Oats" at Minack Theatre

By Emma Hudson on the

White Light returned this summer to Minack Theatre on Cornwall’s coast with the Shattered Windscreen Theatre Company production of Wild Oats.

White Light has an established relationship with Shattered Windscreen, providing them with lighting equipment and support for many previous productions.

Shattered Windscreen Theatre Company's "Wild Oats" at Cornwall's open air theatre, Minack Theatre.
Lynn Batten

Directed by Jan Palmer Sayer and Sean Williams, Wild Oats delighted packed audiences throughout its week-long run in the world famous open air theatre. Prop Designer Steve Onyon and LD Allford completed the creative team.

With Wild Oats, White Light continues its support of theatre productions both large and small.

Said Hire Coordinator Andy Cullen:

“We not only have the resources to cover smaller productions, but we know what it is like to work within their constraints.”

For Wild Oats, White Light supplied a range of ETC Source Four profiles, Philips Selecon Acclaim fresnels, Robert Juliat followspots, and PAR fixtures to supplement the Minack Theatre’s own stock. Effects equipment also came from White Light with several Look Solutions Power Tiny foggers used to bring props to life while a Look Solutions Viper stage fog machine added to the overall atmosphere of the cliff side production. An ETC Ion provided lighting control for each performance.

Allford noted the show’s many challenges including location, environment, budget, and lighting conditions (performances begin in daylight and end in darkness) and determined the production a complete success.

“I’m very happy with the results, and am pleased with the level of service we always receive from White Light,” he said. ”We achieved some great production looks. We had a lot of fun and we can’t wait to do it again!”