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Pia Pressure not only launches a new production company but a new model to be proud of

By James Brillantes on the

Against a backdrop of bleak austerity, film and media technologies continue to flourish. A common casualty of such a set up though is often the underfunded film project. Odd then, that it should be award-winning Pia Getty, high-society daughter of European royalty and an American billionaire businessman, that should come to its rescue.


The brand new film production company Pia Pressure, launched recently at Covent Garden’s space for the entertainment elite, Hospital Club. It hosted an enchanting evening that saw a diverse cocktail of industry professionals and young creatives mingling. Precisely the kind of interactions to characterize Pia Pressure’s business model: the creation of a synergetic network within an industry that threatens to shut out the voices of all but those with big money backing or the most commercial appeal.

James__Debs__Pia__Johnny photo credit: Phil Lewis.

Along with producer James Durrant and the award-winning director Johnny Kenton, Getty’s company will act as a meeting point for up and coming talents and keen investors. Pia Pressure intends to allow a step-up for female filmmakers and those previously under represented in the industry.

Director and Development Executive Kenton, though young, has already shown films at Berlin, New York, Raindance, Venice and directed music videos for XL Recordings, Columbia and Universal. He was suitably shy on the night in discussing his own achievements, choosing to deflect attention by putting the spotlight on the talent that Pia Pressure intend to give a platform to. He explained that he had previously won the prestigious Pia Pressure Award and how positive its impact had been on his own career. For Kenton, the key to success for the emerging talents he hopes to bring through will not just be the financial opportunities but the nurturing process of which he will be vital to.

The Pia Pressure Award offers winning teams up to £25,000 with which to support projects but also, the benefit of becoming a life peer, an inductee of Pia Pressure’s vast network. The genius of the system comes through the expectation that award-winners will go on to donate a portion of their time to the proceeding batch of under represented film makers.

Here at SASi we commend such a bold venture. It reminds us that often the greatest outcomes are not found through sheer self-interest but when people attempt to help each other out. Let us hope that other parties are taking note as such a model may be just what is needed to boost an industry succumbing to the pressures of commercial success.

Applicants can apply here and submissions will be open until June 21st 2016.