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What Goes On Tour...

What goes on tour
A weekly column from retired crew reminiscing on their stories from back in the day. Each week will tell a different story from a different position, job and perspective.

Hannah Wing

Hannah wing
Hannah Wing is a makeup industry professional and author. She has worked her magic on catwalks and editorials, as well as on film and television projects. Her forthcoming book, "The Vintage Beauty Parlour," is due for international release March 2013.

Bill Roberts

Bill roberts
Bill is the co-founder of Rough Triangle, a Leeds and London-based performance collective. He also works as a performance artist, devised theatre practitioner and researcher. You can find Rough Triangle on Facebook and Twitter.

Gary the Bastard

Gary the bastard
Born in the west coast of Ireland, Gary is a born storyteller and a right bastard. These days he promotes gigs around London. When he’s not getting off his head or working on music, you can find him down the pub, interviewing for SASi.

Lucy Danser

Lucy danser
Lucy Danser is a writer, performer and comedy producer based in London. She runs Chatback Comedy Club, with venues in Kent and London, co-created the live show "Stand Up & Slam!", and writes regular columns and features about the comedy industry.

Richard Beale

Richard beale
My name is Richard Beale and I am a chartered safety practitioner specialising in Theatre and Production. As Managing Director of R&B health and safety my aim over the coming months/years is to help those who work in the industry by answering your technical health and safety questions.